The result of intensive research and development work

As e.g. the CEN crash crushion system VS VECU STOP

Crash cushions are designed to reduce the severity of a vehicle impact on a resistant object and to mitigate dangerous points, which cannot be protected at all by other measures or where protection is only insufficient.

In this respect the passengers shall be loaded with acceptable acceleration values.

Crash cushions can be installed as stand-alone systems or in connection with following vehicle restraint systems.

The functional properties of the systems being connected in this way are to be proved in according RPS: 2009 (GER) by the manufacturer of the crash cushion. The following possibilities for application exist:

  a) connection with steel safety barriers

  b) concrete protection walls

  c) installation at portals of tunnels

According to test standard DIN EN 1317 part 3 the crash cushion VECU-STOP is a Type R system that captures vehicles and redirects vehicles.


Type R means:

... crash cushion systems that stop and redirect vehicles; they also include the VECU-STOP system. They are designed to stop vehicles on a certain deceleration way during a head-on impact and to redirect laterally impacting vehicles so that these cannot penetrate the crash cushion.