The system VECU-REC 115-H4b is used for protection against falling off from bridges or other civil engineering structures.

The particular feature of this structure: working width of approx. 25 cm in the head area during an impact of a 38 t truck. This corresponds to level W1 of EN 1317-2 Table 4.

Below there are two test examples:

Test TB11 according to DIN-EN 1317-2 (passenger car)
impact speed: 102 km/h
vehicle weight: 920 kg
ASI = 1.6
THIV = 31,0 km/h
PHD = 9 g (Info)

Test TB81 according to DIN-EN 1317-2 (truck)
impact speed: 65,5 km/h
vehicle weight: 37,750 kg
class of action ranges: W1